Photogrammetry Project: East Asian Ceramic

This is the result of a photogrammetry project created during the spring of 2020 by art history major, Lily Crissy (Class of 2020), about Kintsugi, the ancient Asian tradition of repairing pottery.

She is collaborating with Prof Andy Burkett (English), Prof Sheri Lullo (Art History), Dr & Curator of Art Collections & Exhibitions Julie Lohnes (Permanent Collection), and Dr of Digital Scholarship & Public Services, Jen Grayburn (Library), to digitize in 3D select Asian ceramics from the Union College Permanent Collection. Discussions on 3D/XR in museums and workshops on photogrammetry were done remotely, with the below  model made accessible for online study and remote use.

Crissy presented the culimation of this project at Steinmetz in May of 2020.

View on Sketchfab: